From Kitchen to top dessert destination - Sweetening up the neighborhood

The founders of Babycakes embody the American dream. The company was started by two friends who enjoyed baking and entertaining out of their small home kitchen. Today it has grown into one of the most vibrant after-dinner coffee houses in all of San Diego, providing unconventional sweets and tasty desserts. In addition, Babycakes is responsible for a significant share of all wedding cakes produced in the greater San Diego area.

The company has been able to survive and grow in a city filled with exclusive coffee shops, restaurants, and bars based on a simple concept. Give people a place where they belong and they will keep coming back.

Brand Strategy

The branding needed to be bold, yet familiar and warm. The marketing strategy around the brand is edgy and fun with the brand reflecting the essence of the neighborhood. It was positioned as a complimentary experience compared to direct competition with the other restaurants in the area.

The area is filled with top-chef restaurants and a clientele used to upscale dining experiences. The brand needed to speak to the diverse population that expects conservative by day, and sassy and sexier after dark.

Familiar and Fun

Today, Babycakes is known not just for their delicious desserts and amazing sweets, but also as an important destination where the community can gather and celebrate. We have developed a brand that encompasses a modern take on a retro-style and a sense of familiarity. The colors have been specifically selected to bring out the vivid imagery of the company’s baking style.

Each logo and marketing piece continues to be designed with this uniqueness in mind.

Staying on a Sweet Course

It is said that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. Since the company’s founding, numerous competitors have tried to emulate the concept. Babycakes has succeeded where others have failed in large part because of the focus on the community. Today, the company continues to increase the number of locations served.


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