Liebherr- Multinational Company Introducing a New Product into the North American Market

The Liebherr Group is one of the larger multinational companies in the world with annual revenues north of 9 billion euros. The company has had a presence in the U.S. market since 1970.

Arriving into a highly competitive marketplace for refrigerators, Liebherr Appliances, with roughly $1B in annual revenues, was trying to take share in the custom-fit high-end refrigeration market.

Making a visual impact

We developed a series of ad campaigns to feature their new line of elegant and high-tech refrigerators. This included graphically installing several of their line of refrigerators into various environments.

The work also included trade booth design in addition to the design of collateral materials as well as graphics to update the company’s website.

The work has been featured in several trade publications as well as on the company’s own website.