NRG - An upscale commercial real estate brand

Succeeding in any highly competitive market represents a daunting challenge for most. However, Neighborhood Retail Group has been increasing its market share in the commercial real estate market with a commanding presence.

Where competitors, in many cases, only commit to doing the bare minimum in order to get a client’s business, NRG goes above and beyond to win over a customer. The company provides individualized location marketing, with specific staging services and a location presence design that goes with each area.

NRG continues to disrupt their industry by offering the complete package to their clients.



It was imperative that the look communicate the company’s continued success and the exclusive nature of its relationships. We wanted to showcase the “above-and-beyond” attitude that NRG embodies and their steadfast commitment to their clients.

The brand needed to immediately set the client’s expectations.

From the onset, key to the branding strategy was differentiating NRG from its competitors. The brand was centered on the idea that the company has exclusive access and provides unique services that competitors are unable or unwilling to provide.

Neighborhood Retail Group prides itself on giving highly individualized attention to each client. It was important for the brand to emphasize the unique and exclusive relationship that NRG has with some of the industry’s leading companies.

The collateral needed to convey a very specific direction, which is why the colors are bolder yet the look and feel is more traditional and conservative. The design direction was to develop an iconic and elegant identity.