Ah yeah…Comic Sans.
Smooth. Sophisticated. Sexy.
Let’s people know. This brand…this brand is a cool cucumber with style to spare.

Hold up. Wait a minute!
What font are we talking about again?

I have yet to be in a meeting with a client who has demanded that their corporate brand include Comic Sans. But I have learned over the years to ‘never say never’.
If you have ever been curious who designed this amazing/atrocious font, you must check out this video.

Feel like defending the ‘honor’ of this font?!
You can join the movement with the Comic Sans Project.

Still craving more?
Just do a quick search on Comic Sans Logos. You’ll feel a bit like you ate a full can of frosting and topped it off with a glass of chocolate milk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You can read the original article here.


For all you Comic Sans lovers.

Netflix adds Comic Sans subtitles so you can ruin (or improve) your favorite movies

Apparently, Netflix has a secret obsession with the font as well. You can add this fantastic font to all your anime translations.


Here’s a link to the original article in case you want to read more into it.